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Data Economy, AI and Intellectual Property

Perspectives und challenges

and Workshops on "Copyright 2030" and "Copyright Infrastructure"

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What data management and intellectual property challenges do we face in a world of artificial intelligence, today and in the future? 

We aim to address this issue in a virtual conference taking place on 8 September as part of Germany's EU Council Presidency. Following an interdisciplinary approach, we will set the scene for a political stocktake, exploring where we currently stand from an intellectual property perspective.
A strong and balanced system of intellectual property protection is a key motor of innovation and positive economic development in Europe. This has become all the more relevant in the context of overcoming the Covid 19 pandemic. We are therefore delighted that we will be joined in our exchange by a group of high-ranking representatives and distinguished experts.

IP-Workshops throughout the German Presidency

Throughout the German Presidency, we will also be organising additional workshops and webinars on a range ofIP issues.

Two workshops on copyright law will follow the conference on the afternoon of 8 September 2020. The first workshop, "Copyright: Prospects for 2030", will focus on the challenges of regulating the copyright system from a scholarly perspective. The second workshop, "Copyright Infrastructure", will follow up on initiatives taken by the previous Finnish and Croatian presidencies and explore how metadata on protected content can be improved in an interconnected and digital world.

Workshops including "Follow the Money: Using AI for better IP Enforcement" and "Intellectual Property and Pandemics" are also planned, in addition to a workshop on "New Designs, New Designers – Design Law in the Face of New Technologies". We will provide you with more information about these events shortly.